Monday, 15 December 2014

Scientific fun in Room Seventeen

You know the gas carbon dioxide (CO2)?  I bet you do!  You breath it out everyday.  

Well, in it's solid form it's what we call dry ice.  When dry ice is put into water it speeds up the 'melting' process and will change straight away from a solid to a gas (because it's temperature goes above -56.4degrees C) which is called the sublimation process. Because it turns from a solid to a gas so quickly it creates clouds of fog.

Put all of this in a bowl and run bubble mixture over the top and what have you got:

I wonder what else dry ice would be handy for?  Why were we not allowed to touch the dry ice?  Could we capture the CO2 (carbon dioxide) from our breath to create dry ice?

Alex had a great question (I sense a scientist in our midst) which was, if it's the air that we breath out, how can you freeze it.  What is your hypothesis on this?