Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The science of colour

Today we did an experiment on color.
The first thing we did was dipped a black jelly bean into the water for about 5 seconds and then we put then on the napkin and watched it burst in to the color's of green, purple and blue then some of us left our black jelly beans in the cup of water and we watched it turn white then we took it out of the water after it had turned white we ate the white jelly bean,some of us thought it tasted like caramel and the rest of us thought it taste like licorice.

The next thing we did was finding out the dye pattern of 3 different brown felt tips.We got a new cup of water and we poured the water into the plate then Miss Tait gave us 3 piece of paper with squiggles drawn by three different types of brown felt tip.We got box to stick the 3 piece of paper on and then we dipped the paper into the water and watched the water rise up

The last thing we did was Miss Tait wrote a note and the note said'' I have your Chrome Book'' we had to put the note into the water and get on our Chrome Book and we wrote down who we thought it was the suggestions were F,C and T.

Riley's note about who is the thief.

I think the thief was fatty because on the paper f there was red,yellow, a bit of pink
and some green.

On the note it said” I have your Chromebook’’ and when we dipped the note into the water the words turned red,yellow a bit of pink and some green.

By Riley and Dannielle

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