Monday, 16 March 2015


Brightly coloured red as a poison dart frog 
 It's sweeter than raspberry
On warm toast 
Of all of the jams I like the most
I think it's going to taste sweet
Sweeter than wheat.

Thursday, 5 March 2015


it was going to be the biggest icc cricket game. There was 50’000 people at the game. Australia batted first. They got a total of 152 when it was the black caps turn, Australia threw a ball at McCullm's arm on purpouse they were trying to get he best batter out so they can win.
A lot of people were cherring for Aussie. There was a Mexican wave a lot of people were throwing there empty or almost empty cans as they bowled out the second to last over. We just needed to get six more runs. Kane Williamson was the lucky one to get the six as he batted it. All the NZ people in the stadium were cheering for NZ and he hit it .We got the six we needed. New Zealand won.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Bang! bang! went the blinds smashing together as the cat punches the dog in the eyes. the cat tells the dog to go away.The cats eyes scare the life out of the dog.


For some reason I heard my cat hiss, I sat on the couch to find were he was I looked at the the blinds. My dog was walking, I looked at the blinds again.  All of a sudden my cat streaked at my dogs face.  His fluffy powerful legs strikes at my dogs face, I couldn't believe what had just happened.  My dog didn't walk away. He hissed again showing his razor sharp teeth my dog still didn't walk away so he gave the dog one more chance his ears pointed up as sharp as a needle .  My dog still didn't walk away so he repeatedly slapped the dog with his paw and clawing his face. Then my dog got a brain and sprinted away.     

a ramdom story by me

I went in the door and yelled (kitty),my Dalmatian wagged his tail then suddenly out of nowhere my cat got his claws and sprang from the blinds  legs are sharp in mid air then the cat smacked the dogs face destroyed terminating the dogs beautiful face the claws are sharpened the dog is trying to resist but couldn't the cats eyes looked at the the scaredy cat and the dogs face went down in front of my eyes the cat looked liked it had its revenge then i said “just an normal regular saturday

……..’’’= adjective

adjective, noun, verb   

His white paw clawed at the dog's face.

The Funny Cat and Dog story

boom, bang, crash I'm sitting on the kitchen table, watching the chubby ovule head called raw the cat, digging the do's face like he's from the devil. also raw was like he was trying to kill my dog. raw was like go back to you own house the cat raw was digging  more and more in my dog's face.the cat was like I hate this dog. 

by Ashlee

POW!!! POW!!! POW!!! As Frisco the cat strike's at Chester the dog. YIP! Fri's the Black cat strike's at the head of dog and wards the dog off. Fri's or Frisco is happy for now.

The Canon Cat

Meow!!,Meow!!,Meow!! a white fluffy thing cums shooting out of the blinds making them wobble side to side.That white fluffy thing was a cat sharp ears, blue eyes and i was 
watching my dog but suddenly the cat started to damage my dogs face.

His face and eyes move side to side as he swipes.My dog just does not move a single bit!!.

Cat and dog war

Scratch! scratch! pow! pow! the dogs nose turns from brown to red as the cat attacks.

The dogs head is turning side to side as the vicious claws of the cat scratches the poor dogs face.

The dogs ears are pointing from up to down as the paws a of the cat whack the dogs ears.

Those deadly sharp claw that belong to the cat won't stop are leaving red marks all over the dogs face.

The neck of the dog looks like that it'll hurt a lot with the most angry and vicious cat in the world still is attacking.

Finally, it stops and I can tell that the dog won't forget this day and this is one heck of a day for the dog.

The Cat and Dog Fight

As I am sitting on my couch with my Dog a small white paw pokes out of the blinds.Then a big white face comes out big scary blue eyes moving around.

Then I notice It's a cat,big sharp claws digging into my dog's head I lean back looking very frighten and I try and not get into the fight but the cat must want revenge.

''Oh man I feel so sorry for my dog what should I do to stop it'' I thought to my self big red tongue pokes out  sharp dirty teeth start scaring my dog ''wow this is one crazy wet Friday'' I say the cat zoomed out of the room as I helped my dog get up of the floor.  

The cats big fight

HI YA!white sharp claws fire out the wiggling white blinds.POW!POW!POW! my poor dog is getting bloody holes in his strong white and brown.Over and over again and again man the cats paws are to strong and evil.
"I thought to myself this is going to be a wacky Wednesday.Then the dog tries to doge the cats powerful hits.Later the cats ears started pointing up strait and the cats mouth started rising up and screamed at the poor dog then the cat setled down. Then the cat walked misteriosly back into the wiggling blinds.                                                                                                                                                  

Cat vs Dog

Bang bang bang! as the white long and fluffy arm scratches the dog.As it jumped out from the white and breezing curtain.

It scratched the dog with it's sharp and pointy nails.The dog looked away and when it looked back at the cat.My cat opened her   it's sharp teeth and that was the cat telling the dog to stay away.But the dog didn't care it stayed there and took all the damage. He wasn't going to hurt the cat with it's strong built arms.The cat tried and tried to make the dog run away.But it was no use so the cat went back into the curtain and went to sleep.
crash Jumping out of nowhere the little white head was soring though the sky as it landed it's sharp pointy claws was damaging the dog face.In the corner of my eye I could see the cats sharp sparkling teeth.

In the background the blinds were swaying side to side, as the cat keep making her moves.

the terrible fight.

The terrible fight

Meow, Meow, Meow,all of the sudden a cat jumps out from behind the blinds.

The spiky white teeth hiss at the dog as the cat makes its move.Sharp claws destroy the dogs big,beautiful face.It's blue shiny eyes stare at the dogs recked face as the cat makes one last  move.

"This is my house now"meow the mysterious cat.WOW! that was one weird and wacky Saturday.

By Dannielle 

The cat and dog fight By Richard

Smash! The window breaks as my cat comes out of nowhere! His sharp,vicious teeth shows my dog he's angry as his sharp claws hits the dog. Ouch! My cat's pointy ears look very sharp,fortunately my cat is not using it for the attack. My cat's sharp claws dig into my dog's fur. My cat's fur is waving around,looking like my cat is trying to hypnotise my dog! Finally, the fight is over.

Monday, 2 March 2015

The bad day Varshana

Meow Meow Meow as my cat leaps out of the door and pushes my dog out of her way, her strong white fluffy legs quickly pounce on his stomach.
"OMG" I said to myself this is going to be a wicked weird weekend.My dog tries to take revenge but thinks it is the wrong thing to do so just goes with the flow.
 I was sitting on my couch as soon as I noticed that my dog and cat were trying to get attention from me by fighting. While I was watching their wonderful crazy fight the cat was being a furious chick scratching my dog on the face and  trying to say that this is my house, you have no permission in staying here.
Do you know what could happen next to these bad cat and dog.

dog vs cat

Scatter,Sprint,Scatter! As my cats bony legs pounce off the window sill to make a deadly harsh sneak attack on my dog.

slonk,slash,slap! As this cat jumps around my dogs face like the joker is waving kryptonite, infront of super man exept punching him as well.