Thursday, 5 March 2015


it was going to be the biggest icc cricket game. There was 50’000 people at the game. Australia batted first. They got a total of 152 when it was the black caps turn, Australia threw a ball at McCullm's arm on purpouse they were trying to get he best batter out so they can win.
A lot of people were cherring for Aussie. There was a Mexican wave a lot of people were throwing there empty or almost empty cans as they bowled out the second to last over. We just needed to get six more runs. Kane Williamson was the lucky one to get the six as he batted it. All the NZ people in the stadium were cheering for NZ and he hit it .We got the six we needed. New Zealand won.


  1. It was such an exciting game, and your Mum was very jealous that she couldn't go with you to watch it live. A very exciting recount Ethan, it was just like reliving the moment again....nail biting.

  2. fed back i like how you said how much people where there fed forward i think you could describe about the arm injury and how Zealand bowled.


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