Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tennis,Swimming,Circus Challenge and Life Education

This week we have being doing Swimming,Tennis,Circus Challenge and Life Education so today I am going to tell you about the things we did.

1.On Tuesday we went to the circus Challenge which was held in room 5/6 (Hall) the Tui team watched the show he did juggling, plate spinning,juggling on a unacylce then we did a workshop with him and in the work shop we learnt how to juggle cloths. Then we did plate spinning but the plates were plastic. Here a some of the photos we toke at the circus.

2.Field of dreams swimming on Wendsday
Frist we went on the bus to get to skies road pools when we got to the pools we sat down on seats and then the lady called out our names and told us what group we were going to be in for swimming then we went into our groups and did some swimming. Here are some photos we toke at swimming

3.Tennis On Tuesday we had a Tennis coach come in to teach us some Tennis skills first we had our buddy throw the ball to us and we had to hit it over to them then we had to do the same thing with our buddy

4.Life Education On Monday and Friday we went to Life Education we learnt about our body like our brain,lungs and other things in our body.Here are some of the photos we toke.


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  1. The circus experience looked amazing Room 17! You are all so co ordinated - have you been practicing spinning plates at home?


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