Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Oculus rift Sofia.

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Oculus rift

On the sunny Saturday I went on the oculus rift  it was very amazing. Oculus rift is like glasses except you can't see the other side because it feels like you I like a 3D dimensional world.
How it works:

If you download a game be careful  for bug. If you don’t know how to work it just do research about it.Warning it might take a long time.
(Only the oculus rift games remember that.)

Read the instructions show how to set up or else you might do something wrong and break it.
When you have the game always read the health instructions when you start at the game because you never know what it can do to you.So always read the health of instructions.
Then you can play the game but be careful your eyes might hurt be careful not to get scared when you play one of those scary games.
Ok now onto my weekend when I was on the Oculus rift.
Me and my dad are cracking up because my friend screamed aah. It was very funny.I was cracking up so much  I almost had the ground hitting on my soft happy face with which almost   was an unhappy face. Later I sneakily took a video of my friend being scared. At night my mum (the pro gamer) my dad my brother and I played a scary game. In the game there was a pale white zombie woman with black wavy hair she was scary.Also my dad set up the screen so we could watch my mum (pro gamer) play the game.                                    

                                                                                         The end   


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  2. F:B Nice Job with your use of punctuation. You described the setting of your topic really well.
    F:F Next time you could work on just adding a bit more description.

  3. FB: I like the way how you have explained the idea so the reader know's what you are talking about
    FF: maybe you could put some more comers in your story, maybe make could skip one or two lines


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