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ABCD By Alex.H. Riley.W


ABCD's By:Carys,Dannielle,Samantha,Varshana


  • When someone is left out include them.
  • Make a positive decision to sit by people who will help you learn.
  • When you are on the mat sit next to responsible people.
  • When anyone needs help,help them but also finish your work.
  • When you see a chair out push it in.
  • When you see something on the ground pick it up and put it in the right place. 
  • When you see something falling off the wall staple it back up.
  • Make sure your work comes first before anything else.
  • Make sure the  work on your chrome book is sensible.
  • If someone is annoying move away.

BY: Carys, Dannielle, Samantha, Varshana



PB4L learning

Do good because good is good to do


Be a good role model

ABCDs By Richard and Jamie

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kelly Tarltons Review By:Robbie

Kelly Tarltons is a cool underground place that has all sorts of stuff like Animals in their exhibits. that look like their natural habitat .

so what about the Animals you say, I will tell the you about them, and their exhibits that are like their habitats.  The penguin habitat looks exactly like Antarctica.  It has a pool for them to swim in and at land it looks like snow, like the real Antarctica.  They even have a breeding section.

Let’s go to the fish and sharks.  The fish and sharks live in the same tank.  You step on this thing like a flat escalator and it takes you through the tank, you can see all the fishes and sharks.

So let’s go to the octopus.  It was sleeping when I was there and hidden under a rock, but maybe when you’re there it might be awake.

At the end is the gift shop.  In there is all the gifts such as teddy turtles, sharks and octopus as well as key rings.

Overall Stars out of five:
for entertainment
for shopping (if our parents let you)

Review on Crystal Mountain By Varshana

                                  CRYSTAL MOUNTAIN                                                       

Crystal Mountain is a eye-catching place, where you can enjoy some quality time with your family and friends together.

Crystal Mountain is a shop & theme park in Henderson, Auckland,New Zealand.

It is filled with many crystals and minerals from all around the world they also come in different Shapes and Sizes such as birthstones,minerals,crystals,and many more pendents.

The theme park is filled with lots of farm animals,rides,also there are many activities like panning for crystals,Travis the tractor ride, Pony ride,Crystal Mt Express train, Bungy Trampoline,Dinosaur Gully and many more activities for you and your family to enjoy.

I enjoyed my trip to Crystal Mountain and I hope you do too. 

Overall,Crystal Mountain is an interesting,entertaining destination for families to hangout and relax.

I would rate Crystal mountain as:

5 Stars for Fun

3 Stars for Food

5 Stars for Shopping

4 Stars for the Theme park 



ANT MAN review

If you like action movies then you would like ant man.

Its about a person who got released from jail and robbed a house vault and found the ant man suit.

 The villain Darren  wants to create a different evil ant man suit called the yellow jacket.

When the person put the ant man suit on a ton of stuff happens like a giant Thomas the tank engine blocking half a house and  ant man change a ant to a life size ant and he fights the avengers falcon.

And make sure to stay at the end there will be a big surprise.

I rate this a
*****star for action
***star for romance
*****star for comedy
*****star for entertainment

Mangawhai Review By Richard

                   Review on Mangawhai

 Mangawhai is a wonderful town just 25 km away from Wellsford. The town is divided into two sections, Mangawhai 
and Mangawhai heads.

Mangawhai has a lovely golf course, quality beaches and luxurious cafes and restaurants. There is an estuary, that doesn't have muddy water and the birds keep staying at the beach. It has a great park, playground for the kids, and a boat ramp for some fishing. Then comes the surf beach. Great for surfing! With massive waves reaching 2.75 meters!! Now the golf course. Brilliant 18 holes with fast greens and lots of hazards. It's like a dunes course. There are also hair saloons, mini golf and more. Plus great fishing spots.

I imagine if this was an island. It would be AWESOME!!

Restaurants 9/10
Beaches 9/10
Crime Rate 0/10        (Amazing!)
If Island 9/10
Altogether 9/10

Angles By Dannielle

Here is my slide show on angles.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Assassins creed 1 review by Josh

Assassins creed is a action adventure game and is based in the holy land.(Israel).Assassins creed is a game where you play as an assassin and fight enemies called Templar's.The game is 16 and over because it has strong violence.

The game has no guns but it does have swords.Assassins creed is placed in the 1600's.The main character (the person you play) is called Altair.Altair is a trained assassin who fights the main enemies(bosses).

I recommend getting this game.I play on Xbox 360 console.The reason is,It has better performance and easier controls.SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!
Available at gaming stores like eb-games.
Violence*****out of 5
story*****out of 5
Entertainment*****out of 5
Romance* out of 5
Comedy N/A out of 5

Jurassic word the game review

                        JURASSIC WORLD THE GAME 

Jurassic world the game is very cool game with real life looking Dinosaurs and action packed battles.

In Jurassic world you can grow your army of Dinosaurs. You can grow your base every single day by getting more Dinosaurs and feeding them.

There are hundreds of Dinosaurs. The types of Dinosaurs are carnivores,vegetarian,herbivores,flying Dinosaurs and hybrids and I think that the carnivores are the best Dinosaurs they look so cool.

In the battle you need to chose your strongest Dinosaurs and battle to win more dinosaurs and challenge other people from around the globe. The battles get harder and harder as you move up higher and higher levels

***              comedy
*****        entertainment
*****               action
*** and half              graphics
****                      animation

By Jordan

Splatoon is a game on the Nintendo Wii U. Its is a very interesting game. You can play online in teams of 4, this is called TURF WARS. The aim of this is to level up by winning each turf war match (the team that covers the most area with paint wins). Each time you level up you get points, which can be used to buy more weapons, skills or swag clothes.

The only problem is that only one person can play online at a time. when offline two people can play  together or you could buy a second Wii U.

Here's a hint: trust the dodgy man in the sewers (spoiler), hee hee.

5 out of 5 for entertainment
4 out of 5 for action

Review on Fiji

It's really really hot in Fiji.  You can relax,its warm,you can go swimming and there's a lot of  Islands you can go and see.  There are so many hotels you can stay at, and you can learn different languages.  At most of the hotels there will be pools to swim in, and a breakfast bar.

When you're at an Island Fijians show you around the place and give you a map, and your room number.  They will take you to your room and show you the restaurants.  There are so many coconut trees everywhere.  The best time to go to Fiji is summer.

If you like the sun this is the place for you.  If you don't like the beach this isn't the place for you.

  • fun-5 stars.
  • sunshine-5 stars.
  • food-5 stars.
  • Islands-4 stars.

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