Sunday, 26 July 2015

ABCD's By:Carys,Dannielle,Samantha,Varshana


  • When someone is left out include them.
  • Make a positive decision to sit by people who will help you learn.
  • When you are on the mat sit next to responsible people.
  • When anyone needs help,help them but also finish your work.
  • When you see a chair out push it in.
  • When you see something on the ground pick it up and put it in the right place. 
  • When you see something falling off the wall staple it back up.
  • Make sure your work comes first before anything else.
  • Make sure the  work on your chrome book is sensible.
  • If someone is annoying move away.

BY: Carys, Dannielle, Samantha, Varshana


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