Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Assassins creed 1 review by Josh

Assassins creed is a action adventure game and is based in the holy land.(Israel).Assassins creed is a game where you play as an assassin and fight enemies called Templar's.The game is 16 and over because it has strong violence.

The game has no guns but it does have swords.Assassins creed is placed in the 1600's.The main character (the person you play) is called Altair.Altair is a trained assassin who fights the main enemies(bosses).

I recommend getting this game.I play on Xbox 360 console.The reason is,It has better performance and easier controls.SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GO BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!
Available at gaming stores like eb-games.
Violence*****out of 5
story*****out of 5
Entertainment*****out of 5
Romance* out of 5
Comedy N/A out of 5

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  1. josh add the moro of the story like how it began


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