Thursday, 23 July 2015

Kelly Tarltons Review By:Robbie

Kelly Tarltons is a cool underground place that has all sorts of stuff like Animals in their exhibits. that look like their natural habitat .

so what about the Animals you say, I will tell the you about them, and their exhibits that are like their habitats.  The penguin habitat looks exactly like Antarctica.  It has a pool for them to swim in and at land it looks like snow, like the real Antarctica.  They even have a breeding section.

Let’s go to the fish and sharks.  The fish and sharks live in the same tank.  You step on this thing like a flat escalator and it takes you through the tank, you can see all the fishes and sharks.

So let’s go to the octopus.  It was sleeping when I was there and hidden under a rock, but maybe when you’re there it might be awake.

At the end is the gift shop.  In there is all the gifts such as teddy turtles, sharks and octopus as well as key rings.

Overall Stars out of five:
for entertainment
for shopping (if our parents let you)


  1. Great review Robbie, well done - good description of Kelly Tarltons

  2. FF: Next time use capital letters at the end of a full stop.
    F B:great ideas and good use of punctuation.

  3. FF:Next time could add more capital letters and full stops
    FB: Nice Job with editing the spelling.

  4. Feed Forward, in some parts it looks like you added an extra word in. For example I will tell the you about them. and full stops and capital letters at the start of sentences.
    Feed Back, good work organizing your ideas into tidy paragraphs and well use of punctuation.


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