Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mangawhai Review By Richard

                   Review on Mangawhai

 Mangawhai is a wonderful town just 25 km away from Wellsford. The town is divided into two sections, Mangawhai 
and Mangawhai heads.

Mangawhai has a lovely golf course, quality beaches and luxurious cafes and restaurants. There is an estuary, that doesn't have muddy water and the birds keep staying at the beach. It has a great park, playground for the kids, and a boat ramp for some fishing. Then comes the surf beach. Great for surfing! With massive waves reaching 2.75 meters!! Now the golf course. Brilliant 18 holes with fast greens and lots of hazards. It's like a dunes course. There are also hair saloons, mini golf and more. Plus great fishing spots.

I imagine if this was an island. It would be AWESOME!!

Restaurants 9/10
Beaches 9/10
Crime Rate 0/10        (Amazing!)
If Island 9/10
Altogether 9/10

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  1. Awesome review Richard now I know what Mangawhai looks like.


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