Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Splatoon is a game on the Nintendo Wii U. Its is a very interesting game. You can play online in teams of 4, this is called TURF WARS. The aim of this is to level up by winning each turf war match (the team that covers the most area with paint wins). Each time you level up you get points, which can be used to buy more weapons, skills or swag clothes.

The only problem is that only one person can play online at a time. when offline two people can play  together or you could buy a second Wii U.

Here's a hint: trust the dodgy man in the sewers (spoiler), hee hee.

5 out of 5 for entertainment
4 out of 5 for action

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  1. Feed back:I like how you explained lots about the game and whats in it, it is also good that you put in the console what you play the game on so if people come on t hey can know were to look in the game store.
    Feed ford:Yo could of explained a bit more about what the special abilities and the swag clothes do with the upgrades on your player and a bit more explanation of how the weapons work and the different types


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