Meet Miss Tait

Kia Ora! Ola! Hej! 안녕하세요! 
Welcome to Room 17. I’m Miss Tait.

In October, 1983 I was introduced to the world. My older sister, Tracey, was already here to show me the ropes and my Mum and Dad were (and still are) my heroes.  My little brother, Dean came along 4 years later, and while we often came to fisty cuffs, we were also (and still are) the best of friends).

With heart pounding, I left my wonderful family at the age of 16 to be a part of a student exchange.  I flew to Sweden to live for a year and a student from America came to stay with my family.  I made life-long friends, learned to speak Swedish and gained an intense love of travelling.

I now live in South Auckland with my charming partner Te Ariki and our ‘beast’ of a dog, Indy (named after my favourite movie character - do you know who he is?).  I spend weekends outdoors as much as possible, (though I love a good jam on garageband, and creating movies or ‘sounds’ using my Mac) exploring all Aotearoa has to offer.

I adore teaching and learning everyday with my students.  I believe that open communication between student, teacher and home makes for the best learning environment.  I also believe that students bring with them their own wealth of knowledge that I, and other students can learn from and it is important to foster a comfortable, risk-taking environment, where students feel free to question the world around them in a polite way.

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  1. ammm the name that you named indy after is indana Jones


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